Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The 90th. Custer Reunion was held June 28th. at Golden Gate Park in Brookville Ohio. It was an exceptionally beautiful sunny day. We had more show up then I thought might come this year. As usual there was plenty of good food, and good company. Those that attended were: Steve & Renda Alexander, Scott & Elizabeth and three of their children, Noah, Luke and Grace, Sonny and Eva Custer, Shawn Custer and his friend Deziree plus two of Shawn's sons, Slade and Stone, Shawn's cousin Eric Smith and wife Darlene and their son Alex and nephew Milo, Dewain and Doris Jean Holsapple, Patty, Becky and Margaret, Heather Wackler and her children Wesley Jr. Elliot and Lydia, Debbie Williams. Heather remains President of the Reunion and since we didn't hold a meeting, she said she would check out some other places to hold it in 2016. Brookville Park was really busy because of softball and the cabin we had was right next to the ball diamonds. Steve is Vice-President, Angela is/was Secretary/Treasurer and Shawn is Sargent of Arms. We didn't take up any collection for the cabin for 2016, we have $21.00 left from 2014 collection after paying for the rental for 2015. Heather said she will get something rented and pay for it, then we can take up collection at the 2016 Reunion and repay her. One death in the family for 2014, Mae Custer as a result of an auto accident. Once again, no one took any photos that I know of. Almost everyone has cell phones that are able to do that, but apparently no one thought of it.

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