Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Groups of family members

Mother's Day, Stanley and Shirley Holsapple  and their two daughters, 
along with Harvey and Bessie.

 Mother's Day at Bessie's with Mae Custer and Freda Custer, 
her two daughters-in-law.

Mother's Day, Bill Alexander standing, Dorothy (Custer) Alexander sitting with Steve on one side and Doug on her other side.   They had two sons.

Lester Holsapple acting silly, Catherine sitting on log with Nancy,
Mildred standing up

Dorothy and Lenore, sisters

Taken at Miller's Grove where the Custer Reunion use to be held.
Dorothy, Vera, Mildred and Harold.

Harold and Vera, brother and sister.

Mildred (Custer), Kenny in back, Lester,
in front Dwaine and Stanley Holsapple

Junior, Vera (Custer) & Ed Urich

The sisters, sitting on log, Dorothy, Catherine and Lenore 
Dwaine peeking from behind.  Back row, Vera and Mildred.

Lenore and her first husband Waldo Smith

Dewey Warner, Catherine in car, acting silly with her foot on Dewey's shoulder, 
Lenore holding Nancy and me, and Dwaine sitting on ground.

Custer Family Get Togethers

Not a very good photo, to the left side, you can see Freda, probably holding Bruce, picture was cut off, then Dorothy, with Bill behind her, next Bessie, holding on to myself and Nancy, behind her looks like Ed, holding Beverly, then Phyllis Holsapple, Harvey standing in front, then Mildred, Dwaine sitting down front, Harold holding Sonny, Lenore sitting down, holding Billy Joe Warner's face.  Mae and Lester were also in there someplace.

Christmas 1952, my Grandma Bessie was showing off a new thimble she received. In the photo are from the left sitting on floor, is Timothy, Bruce, Mike, Sonny, Beverly, Steve, Patty (Nancy was cut off) Freda, Junior behind her, then Dwaine, Dorothy, Harvey, Mae, Bessie, Bill holding Doug, Ed, Mildred, Harold, Vera, Mable, Lenore and her friend was cut off.

Another view of same Christmas,  All the Grandkids were standing.
Michael, Bruce, in front are Timothy and Doug, behind Doug is Sonny, Beverly and Steve.
Next row is Freda, I believe pregnant with Bradley,
Harvey, Bessie, Mildred, Patty and Nancy
Next row, can hardly seem him, is Junior, Lester, Dorothy peeking through, Mae, Mable who helped Grandma, Lenore and a friend of Lenore's Helen.
Clear in the back is Bill peeking through, Vera standing on a chair and Harold standing on a chair.  I have no idea who was taking the photo.

One of the Custer reunions held at Millers Grove.
I think the one lady is Aunt Gertie's daughter, Helen,  standing next to her is Freda, Juniors wife, then Aunt Gertie my Grandfather's sister, I think Vivian, then my Grandma Bessie.
Back row is Catherine, Dorothy, Vera, and another I think of Uncle Emery's daughter, and then I believe his wife.  The one little girl in front, can only see her bangs I think is Beverly. I think it had to be no later then 1950, probably even before that.  Perhaps around 1947.

Harvey D. Custer Junior

This is a photo taken on Mother's Day at Bessie (Martin) Custer's house.
Junior in back, Timothy, Freda holding Bradley and Bruce Custer. Junior was my Father's only brother, Junior was next to the youngest of seven children.

Bessie, Junior and Harvey

Junior home on leave, Catherine recuperating from surgery.
Lester, Harvey and Ed in background.

Junior and his Mother, Bessie

Harvey D. Custer, Jr.  in uniform, during WWII

Junior, Kenny Holsapple 
and Billy Joe Warner

 Graduation Photo

Dress uniform

Junior with is sister Dorothy

Junior, Catherine and Harold

Junior and Dwaine

I have several of Junior in uniform, posting these mainly for his son Bruce to see, 
in case he's never seen them before.

Look at the whitewalls on those old tires.

Junior and Catherine, not sure who's on horse, perhaps it's Bruce.
Photo of Harold and junior taken on his last visit to 
Harold and Mae's in I believe 1985.

Another shot of them sitting at the table, Harold (my Dad) loved collecting plates, 
had them hanging all over the house.  Since Dad has passed, Mom got rid of a lot of the plates, which did cause a lot of work trying to keep them clean.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Harold Custer Family

An old photo from one of our visits to my Grandma and Grandpa Custer's house in Castine .
My Dad, Harold, holding my brother Harold Custer, Jr., Mom, Mae Pelling Custer,  Nancy my sister and myself, Patty.