Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Custer Family

The Joshua W. Custer Family 

As far as I can tell, by looking at the book, Arnold Custer had 8 children. He would have been my 7th. Great Grandfather and General George Custer’s 4th. Great Grandfather. I came from Conrad Custer’s side and George came from Nicholas Custer’s side. Conrad and Nichols were brothers and two of the 8 children Arnold and his wife had.

The Harvey Dolan and Bessie (Martin) Custer Clan

Dorothy, Bessie, Lenore, Harvey, Mildred & Vera
(back row)
Harold, (my Father) Catherine and Harvey Jr.
(front row)

The Martin Family (Jacob and Sarah)

My Paternal Grandmother's Family
Front Uncle Dave, Great- Grandmother Sarah, Great-Grandfather Jacob, Aunt Mary (Martin) McAllister 
My Paternal Grandmother is on the left in the white blouse Bessie,
Uncle Ells, Aunt Loretta, Aunt Dora and Uncle Noah

My Aunt Dora (Martin) Baker and
My Grandmother Bessie (Martin) Custer

Bessie and Harvey Custer
My cousin Billy Joe Warner, my aunt Dorothy,
holding me,
my cousin Stanley Holsapple,
holding his brother Dawine
(P.S. Dawine and I are the only two still living from this photo.- 3/1/11)

The Cummins Family (Molly and James)
My Maternal Grandmother's Family
Great-Grandmother Molly (Lanning) Cummins, Aunt Alice (Cummins) Loxley,Gunder, Uncle Joe,
Great-Grandfather James,
My Maternal Grandmother
Junia (Cummins) Pelling, Ferguson,
Uncle Arlis (Bud,)
Uncle Clifford (Killed during WWII),
Uncle John and Aunt Mary

Myself, apparently I moved, I'm a little blurry, my sister Nancy in the highchair and my Mother who was about 18 or 19. Not sure who took the photo, I'm assuming my Great Grandfather Kirklin that lived close to the train, next to an old coal yard and feed elevator. He was my Grandfather Pelling's step-father. Also while I think about it, originally their name was and some still use correct spelling Peeling. Apparently Grandma (Junia) didn't like things other kids called her kids, so she changed the spelling, although everyone still pronounced it Peeling.