Monday, August 04, 2014

We had quite a few show up for the Custer Reunion 2014
But I don't have any photos of the whole group.  First off, the place that reserved the cabin for us, had written us in for June 29th.  So they sent a young man out to the park and he opened the Boy Scout Cabin for us to use.

Shawn Custer had driven up from SC since his Mother's family reunion was on the following Sat. and his Father's family reunion was the 22nd.

There was Patty, Granddaughter Audrey, Becky, Margaret and Angela.  Steve and Renda plus their son Scott and his wife, Elizabeth along with three of their children, Sonny and Eva, their son Shawn, friend Deziree and three of his children, plus several of his dogs. Their daughter Heather, and husband Wesley, plus their three children. I know there is probably someone I am missing.

We made Heather the new President of the group, Angela Secretary/Treasure and Social Director, I can't remember if we have a Vice-President and Shawn (I believe) Sargent of Arms. (His main job is to collect money to pay for the cabin for next time.)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Custer Reunion in 2013. Not many showed up, only Harold's children and some of their families.
In front, Patty, Audrey, and Becky
Next row, Heather holding Lydia,  Angela standing low, Mom (Mae) Abe,
Next row, Eva, Melinda hiding behind my head, Wesley Jr. Noah stretching, Mike and Sonny making antler hands over Abe's head.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hard to believe it is the middle of June all ready. Where does the time go? We held out 89th. Custer reunion yesterday. We arrived, cabin was filled, apparently somehow they had booked us for June 22nd. but someone else hd also booked for June 22, they said ours was booked for the 29th. Here we were, food and everything, so the young man that takes care of the park, open the Boy Scout Cabin for us to use. At least we had some shelter, it was a little warm, since the windows were a lot smaller and didn't seem to leave in as much wind and etc. But I think everyone had a nice time. We had a lot of children show up this year. Hoping something can be done to help entertain them next year. We didn't get a group picture, but different one took some photos, as soon as I get them, I will post them.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks, starting off on May 20th. when Abe and Becky were in an accident on their way back from a Doctor's visit in Kettering. Becky was driving our car, stopped at a red light, and the second vehicle behind them didn't stop in time, so the vehicle directly behind them rear-ended them. Then the next Tuesday the 27th. almost the same time of morning, my Mother and brother, he was driving my Mom's car, didn't yield at a traffic sign, they got broad sided on the passenger side. Mom was care flighted to Hospital in Dayton where she died two days later. So we have been working through all of that.

Then the next week my iMac, that use to be Abe's, crapped out on me. Just this past Friday the 20th. a storm came through, we have Time Warner, and something must have hit the line, it fried the modem of TW, also out router for wireless, and our phones we have through TW. Then we found out the next morning, it also fried the electrical supply cord to Abe's portable oxygen machine. But our electric never went off.

At the moment, it looks like it's going to storm, I'm not taking any chances, going to close this computer down. Everyone have a good week. Oh yes, I go this Wed. to a pain management doctor and they are going to insert a needle into my lower back, hoping this will give me some relief. Good night everyone.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Today is April 11th. month is all most half over. Not quite. On Facebook they were doing something about Sibling Day and I used an old photo I found, which I am going to use here.

In the photo is my sister, Nancy, then myself, Patty, my Mother, Mae and my Father, Harold. Standing in front of my Mother is my brother Michael and in front of my Father is Sonny (Harold Custer, Jr.) We always called him Sonny

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Today is April 1st. Abe fooled Audrey and me both at lunch time. Our table sets in the kitchen area, but we can see outside into the backyard through the patio doors. Abe was looking at something and then said is that a fox, and I said a fox and Audrey and I both looked and he said April Fools. Only one that got me today, so far.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

As you can see 
I tend to neglect this blog. I have no idea why, but with my other blog and Facebook, that's enough to keep me busy. 

Since I last posted, Melissa is now an RN, Audrey is still in the marching band and loving it. 

Other family members are about the same. Brittney and Justin, along with Becky and Audrey all had birthdays during the month of March.  Also my sister-in-law and a nephew.

Abe and I both have had some health issues, but think a lot of that will clear up, once we get some nice sunshine and warmer weather. 

Hard to believe tomorrow is the first day of Spring. At the moment it is wet and chilly here, around 47. 

Going to stop for now, hoping I can add more family photos from years ago.