Monday, August 04, 2014

We had quite a few show up for the Custer Reunion 2014
But I don't have any photos of the whole group.  First off, the place that reserved the cabin for us, had written us in for June 29th.  So they sent a young man out to the park and he opened the Boy Scout Cabin for us to use.

Shawn Custer had driven up from SC since his Mother's family reunion was on the following Sat. and his Father's family reunion was the 22nd.

There was Patty, Granddaughter Audrey, Becky, Margaret and Angela.  Steve and Renda plus their son Scott and his wife, Elizabeth along with three of their children, Sonny and Eva, their son Shawn, friend Deziree and three of his children, plus several of his dogs. Their daughter Heather, and husband Wesley, plus their three children. I know there is probably someone I am missing.

We made Heather the new President of the group, Angela Secretary/Treasure and Social Director, I can't remember if we have a Vice-President and Shawn (I believe) Sargent of Arms. (His main job is to collect money to pay for the cabin for next time.)

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