Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another Halloween is on it's way.  Hard to believe it is Oct. 20th, 2013 all ready.

Had lunch with my Mom this past Friday.  Becky drove us, and for a change I was able to pay for lunch.  Mom always pays them before I get up to place my order.  We had Captain D's, they do have good fish, if you get there early enough and it hasn't been sitting.
Then we went back to Arcanum and stopped at the Ben Franklin store, it reminds you of the Five and Dime store we use to have here in Brookville when we first moved here.  Back to Mom's and visited for a while. She had made some brownies before we got there, so we all had a piece for dessert.

Abe picked Audrey up from school.  She had a football game and was going to have to be back at school by 5:30.  Then the poor kid had to go back on Sat. at 9:00am, they practiced for a while, then went to Versailles Ohio for a competition, they got second place.  They got home around 7:15.